Thursday, April 27, 2006

As You Do Unto
The Least Of These
You Have Done Unto Me

I hope my friend TVD, over at The Reform Club, won't mind that I post most of his fine article:

It's all about Iraq, of course, the defining issue of the Bush43 presidency. I must wonder if our ally France had got our back, instead of protecting its Oil-for-Food arrangement, or if Russia and China weren't amoral, Hobbesian brutocracies, that freeing 25-odd million Muslims from the boot of a murderous dictator in the heart of the Muslim world and offering them the chance of freedom might have been seen as morally admirable.

But that's neo-con fantasy*, so let's leave that for the moment.

The War, of course, is over, and was within one month. The US and UK are on a humanitarian mission now. No one, not nobody, expected that the one of the world's oldest civilizations would so quickly descend into savagery and indiscriminate fratricide. Neither that al-Qaeda would so remorselessly kill more of their own co-religionists than Americans.

Still, even if Bush is blamed for the carnage, he has killed fewer innocent Iraqis than Saddam Hussein, fewer innocent Iraqis than al-Qaeda, and fewer innocent Iraqis than the Clinton Administration did with their bloodless but no less deadly sanctions. This should be, but isn't, common knowledge. There's the rub.

It's acknowledged by all that the Bush administration is abyssmal at communication with the American people and thereby the world. There are perhaps tens of thousands of murderers yet in Iraq. But there are a quarter million more who risk life and limb to join the police force, and millions more who risked being butchered to vote, each in his or her small way defying the murderers.

It would be cowardly to abandon them to the tyrants.