Saturday, April 22, 2006

Sick Is

If anti-Semitism is evidence of a cultural illness, then, Europe is very sick indeed. This is from an interview with former German MP Ilke Schroeder:

In the ensuing months, after published reports revealed that the P.A. was directing E.U. financial aid toward the financing of terrorism, she pushed the E.U. Parliament to open an investigation into the matter. She said the only way she could get fellow legislators interested in the matter was to emphasize the P.A.’s corruption, since not many were particularly concerned about the diversion of the money for violent acts.

Eventually, she said the Parliament did convene a “working group” on the matter — on which she was not included — but that no investigation was launched because it could not be proven that the E.U.’s money went directly from their pocket to paying for suicide bombs, which Schroeder found ridiculous.

“They were asking for something impossible” to prove, she said.

Since Hamas took over the Palestinian government, the E.U. has suspended its $600 million in aid to the Palestinians, but Schroeder is not optimistic that the freeze will continue indefinitely. She believes that the eventual E.U. goal is to “challenge the U.S. position [of pre-eminent power] in the Middle East” and across the globe, and funding the Palestinians is one way to do that. ...

Schroeder estimates that as many as one-third of Europeans might believe that Israel was behind a conspiracy to commit the Sept. 11 attacks. And she says that displaying sympathy for Israel has led to accusations from fellow legislators that she is being “paid by the Mossad.”
For many, their anti-Israel and anti-Semitic views fit into their anti-globalization ideology, which states that the “financial sphere” dictates how the world operates and that Jews are influential in that sphere, Schroeder said.

1/3 of Europeans believe Jews were behind the World Trade Center attacks?

I don't know what to say.