Saturday, April 29, 2006

More Unrest Among
The "Youths"
Of Denmark

I can't read the language, but here's a link to a report on a mini-Intifada which occurred last night in Denmark.

Here's a report we received from an anonymous commenter (he also provided the link):

last night a police team (2 policemans, I think) had to go and check a person (muslim) in a muslim majority neiberhood of Odense. Because they cant check the documents there (and they suspected that can be some fake ID), they ask 2 muslims to come at the police station to can check the documents and the identity of them.

Then everything got in flames.

those 2 muslims was 2 imams coming in Denmark from France. And the rest of muslims (from the neiberhood) start beign agressive and declare war when the policems want to take them at the police station for checking of documents. Then, many other policemans came there to protect the law !!!

More "youths", I'm guessing.