Wednesday, April 19, 2006

New Italian Prime Minister
Makes It First Priority
To Talk To Hamas

Hmm, Romano Prodi. What a name. What a man:

GAZA, April 19 (Xinhua) — Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haneya Wednesday held phone talks with former leader of the European Union Romano Prodi, who won the Italian parliamentary elections.

A statement issued by Haneya’s office in Gaza said that Haneya expressed to Prodi his gratitude for the Italian position on the newly-installed Palestinian cabinet.

It was Haneya’s first official telephone talks with a European country leader after his Hamas cabinet took office on March 29.

The Hamas-led government is now facing heavy financial and diplomatic pressure from the United States and Western countries since Hamas refuses to recognize Israel, renounce violence and recognize previous peace agreements.

The statement said that Haneya urged his Italian counterpart Mr. Prodi to convince the European countries to respect the democratic choice of the Palestinian people, referring to Hamas’s win in Palestinian parliamentary elections on Jan. 25.

“Prime Minister Haneya expressed to Mr. Prodi that the Palestinian government is keen on calm and settlement in the region and is interested in achieving peace that ends the occupation and brings the Palestinians their rights back,” said the statement.

I wonder if Mr. Prodi has some miraculous peace solution up his sleeve. I wonder if he believes he can surprise the whole world. I wonder if the whole world will buy it.