Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A Question For The ACLU, et al

Sami al-Arian has admitted guilt and will be deported.

David Horowitz has a question:

Terrorist Sami al-Arian has agreed to admit to conspiracy chages that he provided material support to a terrorist organization (he was actually its North American head) and will be deported.

Will the Academic Freedom Committee of the AAUP, Ellen Schrecker, Joan Wallach Scott, the ACLU and Salon.com and the Nation magazine and other leftists including the Black Studies Department at Duke, who defended al-Arian and collaborated his organized campaigns to attack the Patriot Act and other national security measures, now apologize for aiding and abetting his homicidal war against Jews and his Fifth Column efforts in behalf of radical Islam's war against the United States?

No, they'll probably find a way to sue us for asking the question.