Friday, April 07, 2006

The World
Has Finally
Proved It:
Christ's Love
Does Not Exist

Congratulations world:

I have noticed that for the past week or so we’re being treated to stories in the press which seem designed to foment doubts about the tenents, stories and beliefs of Christianity and the efficacy of prayer. Today we get the Judas just did what Jesus asked him to do story from the NY Times and where.

Yesterday it was, Jesus walked on Ice, not water (complete with an article illustration using “The People’s Jesus” from a few years ago. Ugh.)

A few days before that it was oh, yeah, and by the way, prayer? It does nothing.

Can’t help but wonder if some of this is meant to be a prelude to the release of the Da Vinci Code movie - advance work, if you will. Here we have a plethora of stories trying to debunk common Christian understanding, and I am wondering if it is all part of the movement to mush-up soggy Christians - to foment doubt - and to soften up the non-believers to the idea that if everything Christians believe is worthless, well then, their influence is to be discounted or even disdained, lessened and disresepected.

There is a game afoot - already in play, I think. The gameboard is so huge that we can’t see all the pieces. Chesterton used to write about the paradox of a man riding on the back of a beast so big he didn’t know it was a beast and merely thought it was the world.

Oh, And Jesus didn’t die on the cross.

Got that? That’s the latest “theory” which someone came up with and which NBC’s Dateline saw fit to “explore”.

Easter is coming, too. That always brings out a few “let’s debunk Christianity” stories - but this year, it’s really an all-out assault.

Yes, and now we know for sure the media agrees with the Islamofascists, because they, also, say Christ did not die on the cross. Instead, Judas died for him.

Got that?

Think about it, my friends, who is it that twists truth up into such byzantine braids?