Sunday, May 07, 2006

Belgian Churhces
Are Being
Turned Into Mosques
In Complicity
With Belgian Bishops

Today is a day full of the news of Eurabia. This is my third straight post chock full of bad news out of Europe. Now, Belgian bishops are handing over churches to Muslim immigrants who are promptly turning the churches into mosques.

Why are the bishops doing this? Because they are trying to make a stand for the right of illegal immigrants. You see, these Muslims have snuck into the country, so they are in some trouble with the government. So, the bishops think they are doing their Christian duty by granting the illegal immigrants asylum.

And, they Muslims thank them by desecrating their churches.

But, that's ok. I'm guessing the Bishops don't care:

For more, go to Brussels Journal, and Dhimmi Watch.

This is a practice run for the Abomination of Desolation, which will ultimately take place in Israel, within the Jewish Temple itself. Christians do not hold spaces sacred, and that is, in my opinion, a good thing. But, at the same time, we ought to know that when we give up our space, we may never get it back again.

We need to protect our land, because our land is a land of just and humane law. There is no Muslim land in the world which is ruled by just and humane law.

If we give up our land to Muslims, then we will be ruled by unjust and inhumane law.