Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Go Ahead BBC,
Admit It
Now, Don't You Feel Better?

I've done a lot of complaining in the past week about the anti-Semitism in the British media. Well, after having appointed an outside agency to look into the matter, the BBC has admitted that they are, indeed, biased. And, they may be ready to take steps to remedy the problem:

The BBC fails to always give a “full and fair account” of the Israeli Palestinian conflict but is not deliberately biased, a report has said.

The BBC governors asked an independent panel to scrutinise its output.

Its report said the BBC was committed to being fair, accurate and impartial and UK viewers regarded it as unbiased.

But coverage was not consistently full and fair and “in important respects, presents an incomplete and in that sense misleading picture”, it found.

The range of stories and perspectives was too narrow and reporters’ use of language was often inconsistent, it decided.

That included the use of the words “terrorism” and “terrorist”. The BBC advises its journalists to avoid the latter because it can be “a barrier to understanding”.

But the panel said the BBC should use “terrorism” to describe violence against civilians with the intention of causing terror for ideological objectives, “whether perpetrated by state or non-state agencies”.

“It seems clear that placing a bomb on a bus used by civilians intending death or injury in supposed furtherance of a cause is a terrorist act and no other expression conveys so tersely and accurately the elements involved.”