Monday, May 01, 2006

Is It Time To Go?

Dymphna, at the great blog Gates of Vienna, gives us a little of the history of Swedish anti-Semitism:

... what has been kept under wraps for the last sixty years – is Sweden’s history of overt anti-Jewish laws:

For ten years up until the end of the Second World War, Swedish priests applied Nazi race rules to marriage. Swedes who wanted to marry Germans were forced to prove that they were not Jewish. And ‘racially impure’ marriages could be annulled by Swedish courts, according to evidence presented by the Swedish Research Council on Tuesday.

Since 2001, two research programmes have explored various aspects of “Swedish fear, horror and fascination, but also kinship within Swedish science, culture and church life with Nazism and Nazi Germany”.

[…]Any Swede who wanted to marry an Arian German was forced to sign an affirmation stating that none of the German’s grandparents were Jewish.According to Lund University’s Professor Anders Jarlert, who led the research, Sweden’s application of these laws lacked historical and democratic legitimacy. It was also alien to the Swedish sense of justice, said Jarlert.

The evidence uncovered by Professor Jarlert shows that Sweden was not merely paying lip service to its powerful neighbour. The Swedish courts were complicit too, annulling a number of marriages and declaring the children born within them as illegitimate.

Stig Ekman, a professor of history with a special interest in Nazism, told DN that Sweden’s culture of secrecy is one reason why the details of the priests’ and courts’ lack of resistance to Nazi influence is only emerging now, 60 years later.

As this study proves, the anti-Semitism in Sweden was well in place before any Muslim set foot there.

As Maxed Out Mama said in a comment at Shrinkwrapped recently:

"I think you are right about the Jews getting out of Europe. I hate it, but I think it’s time for them to go. I’d love to see the US have an official open immigration policy for any Jew of European extraction."

Is this just hyperbole? Or, is it really time for Jews to be thinking about leaving Europe? The history of the Holocaust shows us that human beings while capable of great evil, have a very hard time believing their neighbors are capable of great evil.

We see this phenomenon being repeated today in the case of Iran, Ahmadinejad and the bomb. The Iranian President clearly signals his intent to kill the 6 million Jews of Israel, and yet the world debates whether military option ought even to be an option.

I honestly don't know what I'd do if I were a Jew living in Europe at this point in history. In my opinion, we Americans have a similar, but slightly different problem on our hands. If we would be honest with ourselves, we would know that it is only a matter of time before a terrorist organization hits us with nukes. If they were smart, they would wait until they had smuggled nukes into multiple American cities, so that they could bring America to its knees.

I live near Los Angeles, a prime target in the case of such an attack. Am I thinking about fleeing? No, I'm going about my everyday life, with work, family, and friends. I'm sure all of you out there are doing the same thing.

So, shall we flee? Will we look like fools in hindsight? We'll never know, will we?