Sunday, May 07, 2006

London Review Of Books
Protocols Of Harvard

You may remember that a little over a month back, two Harvard "scholars" named Walt and Mearsheimer published an official Harvard paper the thesis of which was that Israel controls American foreign policy. Well, now the London Review of Books has published the paper.

Another step towards a society that will accept the destruction of Israel:

WASHINGTON—Editors of the London Review of Books are standing by their decision to publish a paper by Harvard academic dean Stephen Walt and University of Chicago professor John Mearsheimer, entitled The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy. The paper promotes the false and reactionary theory that U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East is manipulated by a Jewish lobby with support from a network of “neoconservative gentiles.”

‘London Review of Books’ An edited version of the Harvard paper appeared in the March 23 London Review of Books. Despite receiving what they describe as “a great many letters” criticizing its publication, some of which they reproduced, the editors of the literary journal said in the April 20 issue they stand by their decision to publish it. They also announced they will run a reply by Walt and Mearsheimer to the letters in the magazine’s next issue.

The magazine’s editors also noted that some of the letters congratulating the authors of the paper are of an “anti-Semitic nature.” One of them applauded Walt and Mearsheimer for having exposed a “secret Jewish conspiracy,” and its author felt the need to spell it “JEWISH conspiracy.” Nonetheless they asserted that what the letters supporting and opposing the article have in common is that they “come from people who appear not to have read the piece, and who seem incapable of distinguishing between criticism of Israeli or U.S. government policy and anti-Semitism.”

One of the letters was from Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz. Among other points, he took exception to two of the paper’s central arguments—the United States has become a target of “terrorism” because of its support for Israel and that Washington and Tel Aviv have different, if not conflicting, interests in the Middle East.

Just a few weeks back the London Independant published a similar article by Robert Fisk and illutrated the cover with the image you see here.

British social commentator, Melanie Phillips, comments:

The image makes the claim that America is run by the Jews. As such, it is merely a variant on the ‘Jewish conspiracy’ theory that has long been a defining feature of anti-Jewish prejudice. In these degraded times this particular trope, which once would have caused any publication which printed it to be treated as racist or a Nazi-style pariah, has become a commonplace of mainstream media discourse because now it is Israel which is treated as a Nazi-style pariah; and so vicious libels against the Jews are regarded as fair comment. (The illustration calls to mind the notorious New Statesman ‘Kosher Conspiracy’ cover which portrayed a Star of David piercing the UK flag, and also a previous illustration in the Independent which was almost identical.) David T at Harry’s Place neatly juxtaposes the Independent illustration with near-identical ones on neo-Nazi and other racist websites. Thus our anti-racist, multicultural media.

If merry ole' England had any sense they would realize that anti-Semitism is a sign of a mentally ill society. But, the problem is, England appears to be like a manic-depressive speeding along in his manic phase. They're feeling so good, so empowered right now, that no one could convince them that there is something wrong, and it might be time to go on meds.

Just wait until it comes crashing down.

Recently Britian announced that there is no way they would join America in a military attack on Iran. Announcing such a thing while we are still in the negotiation phase makes no sense. But, it is a sign of where Britain's illness will lead if the meds aren't administered; a complete abandonment of America and Israel, as they join with old Europe, on the side of the Jihad in the name of peace and political correctness.

I believe that will only be the first stage, because these decisions will come back to bite them in the ass. The Jihadis will see their abandonment of America and Israel not as the act of a friend but instead as the flinching of a frightened enemy. And, at that point the Jihadis will attack, and they will attack hard.

Britain will then have to make the decision on whether to join with Germany in a nationalistic feeding frenzy, wherein foreigners will once again become the target of Aryan rage.

History will not repeat itself, it will echo in a decaying pattern.