Friday, May 26, 2006

The Da Vinci Codes,
Mary Magdaelene,
And Jesus Christ

The Anchoress has a brilliant post up today on these three topics. I'll excerpt it here, but if you want to read the whole thing, I suggest you click here:

I’ve had some emails wondering, “Anchoress, how come you’re not writing much about The DaVinci Code? How come you’re not outraged about Madonna’s latest provocation?”

Well…actually, I have written - or more correctly I’ve linked to Amy Welborn’s writing - about the DaVinci fraud and I mentioned the pathetic Madonna here.

“…am I the only one who finds her latest stunts merely predictable and perfunctory? Hey Madonna, it takes no courage to ape the Crucifixion of Christ or make a vulgar joke about George W. Bush - those are the safest things in the world to do - you want to really be daring, try this. Instead of simulating sex and bondage (didn’t you DO that back in the ’80’s?) why not come onstage wearing a Burka…yeah, that’s it…and then you can have your crew simulate a genital mutilation or an honor killing…got it? Now that’s edgy, honey, especially if you then have some dancers show up like US Troops who liberate you, and you kiss a mask of George W. Bush…now THAT would be brave and daring. THAT would be something worth looking at, too. THAT would justify the press’ pavlovian response to every ringing of your bell.”

Why haven’t I written more? Well, to be honest, I just don’t care about either of these over-hyped, over-exposed things.

Possibly I feel this way because I came of age when Jesus Christ Superstar was the big gasp. Oh, my! They’re distorting the relationship between Jesus and Mary! Why, they make it sound like they were lovers! And they distort the history between Jesus and Judas! They make it sound like Jesus all but begged Judas to turn him in, so he would go to trial and be crucified! Gasp! Gasp!

Thirty-some years later, we’re still hearing that Jesus and Mary were lovers and that Judas was doing Jesus’ bidding because Jesus was not divine, but an ordinary human being with a messianic complex. DVC is promulgating the same nonsense, as is the so called “Gospel of Judas.” Really, there is nothing new under the sun.

I’ve been hearing this stuff for all these years - most of my life - and my reason asks, “So?”
So, if the gnostics are right, and Jesus was a mere man, I guess that means St. Mary Magdalene (note, we Catholics consider her a great saint and honor her with a prominent feast day - hardly the sort of “squashing” DVC tries to argue) was a mere woman and not some vessel of “the sacred feminine,” after all.