Thursday, May 18, 2006

9/11 Was
An Inside Job

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer (I think the name means they are post-intelligent, just like post-modern means the period after the modern period) published an article claiming that the World Trade Center towers collapsed as the result of carefully placed demolition explosives.

Now, let us be clear, there is no reason for the Post-Intelligencer to publish such a thing unless they believe it has some legitimacy. If they were to publish such a thing without truly believing it, then we can conclude that part of thier agenda is to fill the minds of American citizens with anti-American conspiratorial drivel.

If the Post-Intelligencer wants to fill the minds of average American with such ideas, then the Post-Intelligencer is committing treason in spirit, if not legally.

Here's an excerpt from the Post-Intelligencer article:

In the months after 9/11 all of the surviving New York City Fire Department personnel who were on the scene were interviewed. Those oral histories were recorded and withheld from the public until Aug. 15, 2005. Only after losing in court three times did the city of New York finally release them. All 503 are now posted on The New York Times Web site.
Why did the city fight so hard to keep them from the public?

It turns out those oral histories reveal details about what was happening in the World Trade Center buildings that are completely inconsistent with the tale told by the commission. Dozens of firefighters and medics reported hearing, seeing and feeling explosives going off in the buildings that collapsed. Why were there explosives, very powerful explosives by all accounts, going off in the buildings? More disturbing, why was the pattern of those explosives identical in some important ways with the pattern used in a planned implosion (or controlled demolition of a building)?

In spite of Connelly’s faith in what commission members say, the report seems to be an obvious cover-up. The question that we all need to ask is: What is the commission covering up? Was 9/11, in fact, an inside job?

Last week I was in a bookstore in Wisconsin, checking out current events books in between meetings, and some middle-aged guy sidled up to me and carefully began explaining to me the same theory that is proposed here by the Post-Intelligencer. Nearby, there was a younger man sitting and reading a novel. The younger man began looking up and listening to our conversation with interest.

I let the middle-aged guy drone on for a second, so that his theory would be clear. He made the claim that demolition experts across the country had concluded that the towers could not have fallen the way they did, unless explosives had been carefully place throughout the buildings. He said the fire could not have been hot enough.

I would have let this insanity all go if we hadn't had an audience, but the idea that even one person is exposed to such bullshit, and may believe it, is not tolerable to me, so I pointed out to the guy that the architect who designed the building had said that his first reaction upon having seen that a commercial airliner had flown into the trade center was that the jet fuel fire would heat up and melt the metal which was the structure of the building.

The architect himself knew exactly what would happen.

Of course, Mr. Conspiracy Man got very angry with me, and a little scene ensued. I was ready to ask him who he thought was behind the whole thing; the Jews? But, alas, I thought better of it. And, I simply ambled over to the Lit section and bought a Milan Kundera book instead.

Meanwhile, doesn't it seem as if our whole fucking world is losing its mind.

What is going on here?