Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A European

A great post from Charles Henry, at No Dhimmitude:

There was a very interesting comment left recently at an older post, which I thought merited a more elaborate answer than I could provide back in that old comments thread.

Here's how an anonymous reader of No Dhimmitude reacted to my thoughts on the news media telling us that turkey had joined europe:

turkey have been considered part of Europe for over centuries.For example Karl Marx had described Turkey as the most misunderstood country in Europe along with Spain. Thanks to its big cities Europe has become today's Europe. Along with cities like Paris, Istanbul has contributed to Europe's heritage.

And many Turks had lived in a third of Europe until WW1. Institutions like BBC is of course ahead of their readers -they have an obligation to know the history. Readers do not.

In writing my earlier post, one of the sentences I cut out of the initial draft was a quote from russian czar Nicolas I, labeling Turkey now and forever as "the sick man of Europe". In 1854, that quote was weighted in historical truth, for Europe had bore witness to Turkey's barbaric conquest of Bulgaria, Transylvania, Moldavia, Wallachia, Greece, Macedonia, Hungary, Poland, Bosnia, Montenegro, Serbia, Albania, Cypres, the Crimea... writing off the top of my head, here, no sleight intended if I leave out a nation or two.... Turkey's blood-drenched claws dug deep into european soil for centuries.

If this is the logic that ties Turkey to Europe, then why not make much of north Africa, Italian? After all, it belonged to the Roman Empire not so long ago.

Go read the rest.

Charles is a relatively new contributor at No Dhimmitude. He is a great addition. Dag is a lucky guy to have him.