Sunday, May 07, 2006

The World
Slowly Caves In
To Hamas

The other day, the Swedish government decided to deny visas to Hamas leaders travelling abroad. The next day, they decided to do so after all:

The Palestinian Authority’s refugee minister Atef Adwan has thanked the Swedish government for allowing him to visit the country, after arriving in Malmö to address a gathering of Palestinian exiles.

Sweden is the first European country to be visited by a representative of the Hamas-led Palestinian administration.

The decision to grant him a visa to visit Sweden has led to protests by opponents who point out that Hamas is classed as a terrorist organization by the UN and the EU.

Adwan said he hoped that the Palestinian Authority under Hamas will now establish further contacts in Europe.

“I saw no protests as I was coming here,” he said after arriving at Folkets Park ahead of the conference on Saturday morning.

“I believe that this corresponds to the wishes of the Swedish people. They respect human rights,” he said at a press conference. ...

Adwan described Israel as an enemy that wants everything without giving anything. Asked whether the two sides can accept each other, he replied:

“There is maybe room for a Jewish state, but then there should also be a state for us.”

Today, our friends, the Brits, have also caved in to Hamas, although they are couching their aquiesence to a terrorist organization in a language of victory:

A PROPOSED trust fund for donors to pay overdue Palestinian salaries would undercut Hamas, not strengthen it, says a British document meant to increase pressure on the US to drop objections to the plan. (Pastorius note: Keep telling yourself that.)

Britain circulated the memo on the proposal, aimed at averting a collapse of basic services provided by the Palestinian Authority, to major donors before tomorrow’s meeting of the Quartet of Middle East mediators.

The four-page document argues, in response to US efforts to block creation of such a fund, that it “will not undermine the diplomatic effort” to persuade Hamas to renounce violence, recognise Israel and abide by interim peace accords.

The US is concerned that allowing the international community to pay Palestinians’ salaries would take pressure off Hamas, Western diplomats said.

But Britain argues that if Palestinians end up receiving crucial aid through channels other than Hamas, the Islamic militant group stands to lose “a big part of its street credibility and hence have an incentive to come closer to what the international community wants”.

Of the countries that we Americans classify as "Old Europe" (France, Germany, Belgium, England), the British would seem to have the least to fear from the Islamofascists. Yes, there are many radical Islamists living in Britain, but, England is, traditionally, a strong country. I suspect their anti-Semitism has rotted out their morality.

I was speaking with an English family member of mine the other day, and it is clear that his anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism have left him completely incapable of making moral distinctions. To him, Israel is just as dangerous a country as Iran. To him, it is obvious that Ahmadinejad does not mean what he says. Instead, it is more that Ahmadinejad is forced into such rhetoric by the belligerence of the Israelis.

Get it?

Read the post below, and see where I think Britain's sickness will lead.

Read Dag's article on what he calls "Philobarbarism", the modern West's love affair with the thugs and new Barbarians.

Europe is fast becoming a continent of people who are no longer to make the most basic of moral distinctions. This bodes ill for the world. God help us.