Wednesday, June 07, 2006

96% Of
Support Terror

A new poll shows that 96% of Palestinians polled say they support "resistance," which breaks down to suicide bombings in practical reality:

The poll result that will not make the mainstream media at all is the fact that only 4% of Palestinian Arabs reject terror altogether. The question is ambiguously worded, but what is entirely clear is that the vast majority of Palestinian Arabs want to see continued attacks against Jewish civilians (what is euphemistically called "resistance.")

Here's a link to the original poll results.

I don't know what more the world needs to know. 96% support terrorism.

ThePalestinians elected a Nazi-like government, whose charter says they want to kill Jews. And, now we have this evidence that it is according to the will of the people that Hamas, et al, carry out all these suicide bombings.

Israel would be well within its rights to destroy the Palestinian regime. Any other country which was being attacked by the duly elected government of a neighboring nation would make war.

But, Israel has remained relatively peaceful, and for that they are branded the Nazi Apartheid regime.

How long, O Lord?