Friday, June 23, 2006

The Burqa
In Norway

Well, technically what they are banning is called the niqab, but it looks like a burqa, doesn't it?

Today, Aftenposten reports that the Directorate for Primary and Secondary Education has given permission for the nikab to be banned in schools. Teachers are said to believe that the nikab hinders communication. In the Netherlands, it was considered to be frightening for small children to have staff enveloped in face-covering items, such as the nikab or the burka.

Yeah, no kidding, huh? Can you image being a kid and having the mutant ninja teacher swirl up to you and tell you to do your homework. That'd be enough to start a lifetime of therapy.... the issue of the hijab was itself causing conflict in schools, among Muslim girls. Muslim girls not wearing the headscarf are called whores or "loose" by their hijabbed fellow students. The decision by the education directorate will only outlaw the veil or nikab, and will not affect the wearing of the Muslim headscarf.

So, I guess that means the girls will still be called whores by their fellow students.

You can see Norway working here, can't ya? They don't want to violate the sacred scriptures of the Temple of Political Correctness, but at the same time, they want to deal with the oppression of the poor teenage girls.

But, when the wishes of an oppressed minority goes up against the needs of an oppressed woman in the sacred scriptures of the Temple of Political Correctness, the oppressed minority will always win.

Actually, there is also a second component in play here. It's called the Doctrine of Chickenshitness. Let's face it, they are afraid of the Muslims among them.

The veil, the burqa, the niqab, they are all the chains of modern day Islamic slavery. Cover the face and you take away the person. A person who can not express themselves is a dehumanized person. The veil is the first step to the obliteration of female free will.

These aren't clothes. They are portable concentration camps.

All Western countries ought to put an absolute ban on these abominations.