Friday, June 30, 2006

Can You Get
Any More

We have often heard it said that Muslims are disgusted by the decadence of the West.Don't believe it.

What is more disgusting than the fact that many Pakistani Muslims think it is ok to sell their 13 year old daughters into marriage?

Well, how about the fact that, in Pakistan, families will give their daughters hand in marriage when they are as young as one-year old:

We have covered extensively the Pakistani custom of "vani" marriages, where girls are given away in marriage as a form of "compensation", where a male relative has committed a crime. Vani marriage became illegal at the start of last year, along with honour killings. The case which had provoked the law to be changed occurred in 2004, where a three year old girl was given in marriage to a sixty year old man.

We have covered cases of girls as young as one years old, and marriages of girls who have not even been born. Earlier this month, a case in Sindh province involved two girls aged six and eight, who were given away in vani marriage in exchange for the loss of payment for three buffaloes.

Go read the whole thing at Western Resistance.