Thursday, June 15, 2006

Case Study
In Media Bias

Sometimes, Charles Johnson's posts are so good, I just have to copy and paste the whole thing. My apologies to Charles, but I think everyone needs to see this:

Hamas says they’ll stop firing rockets into Israel, and the wire service headlines are a case study in pro-Palestinian propaganda.

By Nidal al-Mughrabi, at al-Reuters: Hamas govt says it wants ceasefire with Israel.

By Ibrahim Barzak, at the Associated Press: Hamas offers to renew truce with Israel.

Agence France Presse’s uncredited story, probably also by a Palestinian stringer: Hamas says ceasefire if Israel halts attacks.

The BBC: Hamas offers to restore ceasefire.

Why would Hamas want a ceasefire all of a sudden, when just yesterday they were screaming for bloody vengeance?

The answer is at Haaretz: Haniyeh orders end to Qassam fire.

"Hamas stopped firing Qassam rockets at Israel yesterday, after Israel warned that it would attack Hamas leaders."

That’s how you get Hamas’s attention.