Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Everyone take note that this morning Associated Press reported that Israel had cut off the water supply in Gaza.

This evening the wording of such claims is being changed. No longer is it claimed that the residents of Gaza are without a water supply.

Note that I said I didn't think Israel would do such a thing.

Note that I said I condemned their action if they had done such a thing.

Note that no other pro-Israel blogger went so far as to take note that Israel had been accused of such an atrocity, and no other pro-Israel blogger expressed reservations over the supposed incident.

That's what you call fairmindedness, my friends. That's what you get here at CUANAS, believe it or not.

Though I make many statements which sound extreme, I attempt to operate from my understanding of the Judeo-Christian moral system. I hope that I do good work.

In this case I am patting myself on the back. Hopefully, you will tolerate my pride.