Friday, June 16, 2006


I love Dag. The guy just cracks me up. Today, for instance, he snagged an interview with God. Not many people get to interview Creator of the Universe, but Dag did not, at all, seem to be intimidated:

Dag: God, welcome to our blog.

God: Thanks, Dag, it's good to be here. No Dhimmitude is one of my favorite blogs. I read it daily.

Dag: God, let's get to it. What do you think about the state of things in Canada?

God: Dag, the weather there truly sucks. But worse than that is the creepy little bastard in charge of the Canadian Union of Public Employees, CUPE, Sid Vicious Ryan. I really hate that guy. Recently he pulled a stunt, trying to boycott Israel by divesting from the nation and trying to wreck the image of the place by comparing it to South Africa. You know, Dag, Sid Vicious Ryan is actually a murderer. By his actions, both giving "moral" support and money to killers, by advertising for and sending teenagers dhimmis to so-called Palestine, he encourages Muslims to commit murder and mayhem. If I had my way, I'd hang that sucker from a lamp post.

Dag: It's funny you should mention that, God, I feel the same way.

God: We all do, Dag. Just a few days ago I mentioned this p.o.s., and within minutes the lot of us were up to our ankles in barf. I'm telling you, mate, no one in Heaven likes this guy. I'm looking forward to him showing up for entry so I can pull the plug on him. He'll drop so fast Satan won't know what hit him. We'll have a big laugh over that, I'll tell you.

Dag: So, how long are you going to leave him down there to suffer damnation and torture and stuff?

God: For eternity, Dag. I really do hate that scum sucker.

Curiously, God talks in a voice eerily similar to that of Dag himself. I guess, you could say, Dag is a man after God's own heart, or something.

Go read the rest, at No Dhimmitude.