Friday, June 30, 2006

The Disgusting
Decadence Of
Mainstream Islam

Indonesia's Vice President praises Islamic prositution:

INDONESIA'S vice-president has said he sees nothing wrong in Arab men paying local women to marry, then divorcing them days or hours later, and suggested the practice - dismissed by critics as legalised prostitution - could boost tourism.

Jusuf Kalla made the off-the-cuff remarks at a travel industry seminar on how to attract more Arab visitors to Indonesia.

Kalla said many Arab tourists travelled to the hill town of Puncak, near Jakarta, to enter into short-term marriage contracts with Indonesian women.[...]

These short-term marriages are called Mu'ta marriages, and they are approved by Islamic law.

This is the mainstream of Indonesian Islam, my friends. The Vice-President said it. He is no marginal voice.

Islam is decadent and immoral.