Monday, June 12, 2006

Hamas Ends "Truce"
Israel Hit With 53 Rockets
In Three Days

What about da hudna?

JERUSALEM – With more than 50 rockets flying from the Gaza Strip toward nearby Jewish communities the past three days, the leadership of the Israeli Defense Forces last night proposed a major ground and air assault deep inside Gaza, WND has learned.

The assault was blocked by Defense Minister Amir Peretz, but senior army officials warned Israel likely will need to conduct a large-scale operation in Gaza and may even need to temporarily reoccupy parts of the territory if the rocket onslaught continues at its current rate.

Critics of Israel's Gaza withdrawal had warned the retreat would prompt an onslaught of terrorism requiring the IDF to re-enter the territory. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is planning a second, larger withdrawal from most of Judea and Samaria – mountainous terrain within rocket-firing range of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and the country's international airport.

Hamas leaders this weekend announced their group was ending an 18-month truce with Israel it claimed it had been keeping. They said their decision to renew attacks came in direct response to the assassination last week of Jamal Abu Samhadana, leader of the Popular Resistance Committees terror group and a Hamas minister, and in response to an alleged Israeli artillery shell Palestinian Arabs say exploded at a beach in the northern Gaza Strip this weekend, killing seven.

As WND reported, Israeli security officials say Hamas' decision to call off its truce with Israel was finalized weeks ago. They accused Hamas of using Israeli actions the past few days as a pretense to restart violence.

Since Friday, more 53 Qassam rockets targeted Jewish communities near Gaza. Hamas took credit for most of the missile launchings.

Seven rockets this morning slammed into Sderot, an Israeli Negev town about five miles from Gaza that is home to Defense Minister Peretz. Schools there went on strike in response to the continued rocket onslaught, with local leaders demanding the Israeli government provide rocket-proof public buildings and an updated missile alert system. The children's schools that remained open today did not allow students to venture outdoors.

The only two countries on Earth who would accept another country shooting at them from across the border are the United States and Israel. Saddam Hussein did it to us for years in the no-fly zone, and stupid as we are, we didn't even use it as the reason to attack Iraq. Instead, we used the WMD argument.

Israel has been taking this from the elected government of the Peaceful State of Palestine for months now. But, of course, it has accelerated recently.

This is ridiculous. Israel ought to effect regime change in Palestine.