Friday, June 09, 2006

Positive Thinking
To Start Off
Your Day

Chuck at YARGB is thinking positive thoughts this morning:

Everyone from Bush, to Michael Yon, to Powerline, to Richard Clarke, to, of course, CNN, Kos, DU, and the rest of the enemy side, are all cautioning that terror will continue in Iraq and that Zarqawi was just one among many.

I'm going to go out on a twig and say, not so.

Not only was Zarqawi eliminated, so were his nearest lieutenants. In Baghdad 17 raids were launched immediately after the bombing, and the intelligence from those raids will probably cascade for days before running dry. And after that I expect a major drive into Baghdad to settle the neighborhoods trying to set up their own little Islamic republics.

The Iraqi government has been formed, the army grows apace, and the police force is improving. The time for action has arrived and I think things will settle out faster than anyone is willing to predict. There remains the problem of Iran and the militias, but those are different problems, we will see how they go.