Monday, June 19, 2006


In 2004, the Presbyterian Church of the United States of America, as a reaction to Israeli policy vis a vis the Palestinians, voted to "divest" from Israel, which means to cease all existing investments in Israeli companies. Recently, under pressure from within and without the Church body, they voted to rescind the divestment motion.

Atlas says this latest vote is just a kind of truce, until they can figure out another way to skin the cat (that would be Israel). Go read Atlas' fine post.

At the meeting which was convened to rescind the original motion former CIA chief (under Clinton) James Woolsey spoke eloquently in defense of Israel:

He minced few words when he spoke during an unofficial General Assembly gathering Friday. Woolsey criticized the General Assembly's 2004 decision to consider divesting in companies that refuse to reform such practices as selling bulldozers to raze the homes of Palestinians living on land disputed with Israel.

"We have, I'm afraid, moved into a postureā€¦that, unless what we did two years ago is rejected, we are clearly on the side of theocratic, totalitarian, anti-Semitic, genocidal beliefs, and nothing less," Woolsey declared.

With the Palestinians' Hamas party coming to power, Woolsey sees little room for hope for a two-state solution.

"What bars people from living together is that everyone knows that if Jews in the West Bank weren't protected by the Israeli Defense Forces, they'd be killed," he said.

The region lost its best shot at peace in 2000, he said, when then-Israeli Prime Minister Elahud Barak offered Palestinian Liberation Organization leader Yasser Arafat a 95-percent withdrawal from the West Bank and $30 billion in compensation.

Woolsey said the proposal was "an extra generous offer, and Arafat turned it down without making a counteroffer, and went back to murdering Israeli women and children in pizza parlors. And yet our church decided to throw its moral lot with the Palestinians."

The wall (Woolsey says it is 90 percent fence and easily can be moved if negotiations warrant it) that Israel built has drastically reduced the number of suicide bombings, he said.

Hamas "doesn't play by the rules," he said. Its charter, from which Woolsey read, blames Jews for everything from the French Revolution to the creation of the United Nations and claims such groups as Rotary International act in the interest of Zionism.

Woolsey displayed photographs from Hamas' Web site that showed 5-year-old boys being trained as suicide bombers and a cartoon of a young Palestinian relieving himself on the Statue of Liberty.

Thank God for James Woolsey.

I think it is also worthwhile to read Atlas clear reading of the motives behind this divestment movement:

Many Presbyterians are using Christianity to cloak their antisemitism. As Jesus said, "By their acts (words) ye shall know them" so we know them. Because Christians can champion downtrodden peoples all over the globe like those poor South African raped children, child sex slavery, the child rape by the French UN peacekeeping forces in the Congo,the multimillion modern slaves in the Sudan and elsewhere, the starving in North Korea, the Arab women suffering from severe sharia laws, but no, they focus on the Palestinians. Why?

It's not about the Palestinians, it's about sticking it to who they hate or are jealous of, the Jews or Israel. Like American liberals like Michael it about the Jews or even the American downtrodden or sticking it to "daddy" the Republican administration or Israel. These people are transparent.

Where do you focus your limited energies?