Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A Warning
To All Infidels:
Don't Believe
The Words
That Come
Out Of The
Mouths Of
Terrorist Lawyers

I don't believe that the Royal Candian Mounted Police, nor the Canadian intelligence service believed Steven Vikash Chand had a real shot at "beheading the Prime Minister" of Canada. And yet, this sensationalist headline is everywhere today.

From Breitbart:

Spectators and family members of some of the 17 Muslim men accused of plotting terror attacks in Canada were stunned Tuesday when they heard allegations of plans to storm Parliament, take hostages and behead the prime minister.

Authorities during a hearing at the Ontario Court of Justice further alleged that one of the suspects, Steven Vikash Chand, also plotted to take over media outlets, including Canadian Broadcasting Corp.

The details of the charges _ notably the purported plot to take political leaders hostage and behead them if Muslim prisoners were not freed in Afghanistan _ added a chilling dimension to a case that has led U.S. authorities to toughen security along the border and unsettled Canada's large Muslim community.

Police say they expect more arrests, and intelligence officers are probing whether 12 adults and five juveniles arrested over the weekend had any ties to Islamic terror cells in the United States and five nations in Europe and Asia.

Chand, a 25-year-old restaurant worker from Toronto, was one of 15 suspects who made brief court appearances Tuesday. They were held behind a glass enclosure, brought in as groups of four or five, chained together in ankle shackles and handcuffs.

Chand, bearded with shoulder-length hair, blew a kiss to supporters as he was led away as formal bail hearings for him and the 14 others were postponed until at least Monday.

"There's an allegation apparently that my client personally indicated that he wanted to behead the prime minister of Canada," said Chand's lawyer, Gary Batasar. "It's a very serious allegation. My client has said nothing about that."

Speaking outside the courthouse, Batasar said the charges were based on fear-mongering government officials.

"It appears to me that whether you're in Ottawa or Toronto or Crawford, Texas, or Washington, D.C., what is wanting to be instilled in the public is fear," he said.

Yes, that's right Mr. Batasar, you are attempting to instill fear of the Infidel in the minds and hearts of those of the Islamic community.

Mr. Batasar planted this story in the media, not the police.

The Reuters story is the same, however, the headline is "Canada Plot Suspect Accused Of Plan To Behead PM."

Reuters, in my opinion, is attempting to make th RCMP and Canadian anti-terrorism officials look stupid.

What do you think?