Thursday, July 20, 2006

Media Is
Now Officially
As Anti-Semitic
As British Media

Accompanying image is from the cover of this weeks Washington Post Magazine.

Washington Post comes right out and says it: The Jews control America:

Washington Post Magazine
A Beautiful Friendship?
In search of the truth about the Israel lobby's influence on Washington
By Glenn Frankel, Page W13
In search of the truth about the Israel lobby's influence on Washington.

"A Beautiful Friendship," huh? That would be the Washington Post and Nazi Germany?

This is the same kind of anti-Semitic crap that flew around Europe in the leadup to WWII? Why is it the Jews are always picked on like this?

This makes me sick at heart.

Oh yes, I can be rational and explain that, yes, Jewish groups do lobby in Washington, but that there are very few things Jews can actually agree upon in this world. I can point out that many of the major peace activist/anti-War people leading the charge against Israel at this point are themselves Jews. I can point out that the same people who say we are in bed with Israel, also claim we are in bed with the Saudis; a people who hate Jews so much that not a single Jew is allowed to enter Saudi Arabia.

Yes, I can point out all these things, but I have this feeling like I'm climbing a steep hill and all the dirt is crumbling and I am falling down instead of climbing up. The people of our time are determined to believe lies. They are determined to find answers in conspiracy theories. No rational explanation will suffice.

It doesn't suffice to explain that Israel is the only real human-rights protecting democracy in the entire Middle East, and that is what explains our "beautiful friendship. It doesn't suffice to explain that Israel and America are the two most technologically innovative nations on the face of the Earth, and perhaps that explains our friendship. It doesn't suffice to explain that Israel was granted status as a country for the Jews in 1948, and that the Arab world's response to that was to attack them on the first day of their nationhood, and that Arab nations have been attacking them ever since.

Meanwhile, Israel continues to try to trade land for peace. Most recently, they just gave away the land, and didn't even demand anything in return.

And, what they got in return was more of the same. Hizbollah, an official political party in the Lebanese Parliament attacks Israel. The nations of the Earth recognize that Hizbollah is a proxy army funded by Iran. But still, the nations of the Earth condmen Israel for using "disproportionate force."

Maybe another reason America has a "beautiful friendship" with Israel is because we also are condemned when we defend ourselves, and condemned even when we try to do good.

Anti-Semitism never leads anywhere positive. I am frightened for the world.