Thursday, July 13, 2006

Israel Bombs
To Damascus

I'm guessing Bashar Assad had quite an experience with the sudden light on the road to Damascus today:

Israeli planes struck the main highway linking Beirut to the Syrian capital Damascus, a Lebanese security source said.

The jets struck at least five separate times along different points of the international route, the source said.

Israeli officials said on Thursday that Israeli forces planned to strike the key highway as part of an assault aimed at retrieving two soldiers seized by Lebanese Hizbullah guerrillas.

Israel had already bombed Lebanon’s airports and blockaded the country from the sea, bringing trade and tourism to a halt.

Lebanese officials said Israeli aircraft dispersed thousands of leaflets above the Shiite-dominated areas of southern Beirut warning citizens to stay clear of Hizbullah offices and operatives.

"For your own safety and because of our desire not to harm any civilians who are not involved (with Hizbullah), you should refrain from staying in areas where Hizbullah is present and operating," said the Arabic-language leaflets, signed "The State of Israel".

Eyewitnesses said hundreds of residents were seen leaving the capital.

IDF sources said several senior Hizbullah members have gone into hiding.