Monday, July 17, 2006

John McCain
It Right

John McCain, being interviewed on MSNBC, was asked whether, perhaps, the Israelis ought to exercise restraint in their war with Hamas and Hizbollah:

Norah O’Donnell: As you know the President is in Russia with the G-8 leaders at this time. On the way there…uh, he spoke on the phone with several Arab leaders. In particular the Lebanese Prime Minister, uh…who asked if the President is going to try and rain in the Israelis.

Tony Snow was asked about that, uh…and he says, “No. The President is not going to make military decisions for Israel.” But let me ask you, should Israel exercise some restraint?

John McCain: sh…wha…should…shouldn’t…shouldn’t the question be, shouldn’t Hezbollah exer…and…Hamas exercise restraint? Their the ones who initiated this. Shouldn’t they be the one’s who say: “Ok we’ll still be launching rockets, we’ll stop killing and capturing Israelis? Uhh… And then we can sit down and have a roadmap for piece.

Wh…why is it that the Israelis are somehow the ones to be [reined] in? Shouldn’t we [rein] in those wh…who initiated these attacks?