Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Media Bias
In Favor
Of Israel

It's not often I hear a clear case of media bias in favor of Israel. So, when I do, I have to note it.

I live in the Los Angeles area. Here is La-la Land, we have a very popular talk radio station called KFI. All day, KFI has been running, at the head of their news segments every half hour, the news that Hizbollah shot a rocket into Nazareth, "where Jesus Christ grew up."

Believe me, the people at KFI do not sound like they give a half a hoot about Christ, so this is clearly an attempt by KFI to elicit anger at Hizbollah.

Any anger which can be elicited against Hizbollah, is more support for Israel in her time of need, so I'm all for it.