Sunday, July 30, 2006

Qana Caca

This morning the big news was that Israel had bombed a building which housed civilians, killing 56 people, "mostly women and children." Here's how the LA Times reported it: In Qana, A Gruesome Scene

QANA, Lebanon -- Hour after gruesome hour, the bodies came to light on Sunday: Corpses with limbs snapped into unnatural poses. Women with arms frozen upward, as if they died grasping at the sky. Children with blue faces, their mouths packed with dirt.

The two families had moved into a basement of a half-built home because they hoped it would protect them from Israeli attack; but by sunrise, they were dead.

As many as 56 people were suffocated or crushed to death by the Israeli airstrike on the home in this southern Lebanese town. Many of them were children.

The few who survived sat in hospital cots with haunted eyes on Sunday. They spoke of the long hours trapped beneath heavy heaps of rubble, and recalled the dying groans of their loved ones that faded through the night to silence.

"When I woke up, I started screaming, and I kept screaming for two hours," said Heyam Hasham. Her fingernails were broken and caked with earth. She couldn't remember how they got that way. "I thought I'd die because everybody was dead around me," she said.

Something horrible did happen in Qana, and many innocent people did die.

At least 34 children were among the dead.

Hundreds of Lebanese people went wild in the streets.

They raided the UN building in Beirut.

The UN weighed in condemning the violence of Israel.

But, all is not as it appears. For some reason,
the building collapsed 7 hours after it was hit by Israeli shells.

Seven hours later, and the innocent civilians were still in the building. Why is that?

And, why is it that the photojournalists documenting this incident for Associated Press, Reuters, and other major news distributors, are
giving us blatant propaganda photos?

What is going here?

An IDF investigation has found that the building in Qana struck by the Air Force fell around eight hours after being hit by the IDF.

“The attack on the structure in the Qana village took place between midnight and one in the morning.

The gap between the timing of the collapse of the building and the time of the strike on it is unclear,” Brigadier General Amir Eshel, Head of the Air Force Headquarters told journalists at the Defense Ministry in Tel Aviv, following the incidents at Qana.

Eshel and the head of the IDF’s Operational Branch, Major General Gadi Eisnkot said the structure was not being attacked when it collapsed, at around 8:00 in the morning. The IDF believes that Hizbullah explosives in the building were behind the explosion that caused the collapse.

Another possibility is that the rickety building remained standing for a few hours, but eventually collapsed.

“It could be that inside the building, things that could eventually cause an explosion were being housed, things that we could not blow up in the attack, and maybe remained there, Brigadier General Eshel said. ”I’m saying this very carefully, because at this time I don’t have a clue as to what the explanation could be for this gap," he added.