Saturday, July 15, 2006

Some Thoughts
On The
As It Stands

Since 9/11, we have been headed towards World War III. George Bush, rightly in my opinion, articulated that there was an Axis of Evil (Iran, Iraq, North Korea) which must be put down. We put down Iraq. Now, we need to move on, or our enemy will gain nukes, and thus become able to hold us off completely, unless we are willing to wreak terrible havoc.

In recent weeks, I believe, North Korea and Iran have coordinated their agressive moves against Western power. I do not believe it is a coincidence that Iran began a war against Israel (using their proxies, Hamas and Hizbollah), while at the same time North Korea decided to test-fire missiles (with unknown payload) towards Japan and Hawaii. They have done this for the purpose of diverting attention away from the UN Security Council where their sits the still unresolved issue of what to do about Iranian nukes.

Considering the apparent fact that the world seems hellbent on ignoring Iran's progress towards nuclear capability, this is not as stupid a strategy as it may seem on paper. However, it is a strategy which can only work if the countries it attacks lack the will to fight back in a serious manner. And, let's face it, recent events have indicated that neither the US, nor Israel, are serious.

The United States seems to have lost all momentum in its war on Islamofascism. Bush's poll number have been at pathetic lows. And, the best we have been able to come up with in response to Iran has been a package of gifts aimed at trying to bribe the Mullahs to pretty please be nice. And, at the same time, Israel's foreign policy has been primarily focused on giving up land to a terrorist government without bothering to negotiate for any tangible progress.

When Western powers such as the United States and Israel - who have spent the lives of their nations progressing on a forward march towards greater freedom, and greater rationality -suddenly begin being subservient lapdogs to the fascists in Iran, one has to wonder if there could, perhaps, be a larger strategy at play.

Yes, one would have to wonder. Could the United States, and their ally Israel, possibly be holding out fresh juicy bait to the fascist forces of the world? Could it be that Israel's strategy of land for terrorism, and the United States strategy of feeding the dragon in Iran, possibly be the setting of a trap?

I have always thought so. It seems that I am not alone.

Follwing are various comments and posts positing the idea that there is a larger, more intelligent strategy at play in current events:

Me thinks the fix is in! Sharon's pullout of Gaza was done knowing full well Hamas couldn't resist the temptation. All they know is war. They don't know how to govern and collect the trash.

Isreal pulls out of Lebanon with a tacit agreement with Syria to moderate Hezbollah.

Syria misteps and gets thrown out of Lebanon.

Hamas and Hezbollah can't control themselves and cross Israel borders.

Now Israel has wink/nod from everyone involved to take out Hezbollah and Hamas.

A similar thing is happening with President Mad and the Mad Mullahs. They taken the bait hookline and sinker. It was never thought they would take the deal (the package of incentives offered by the US). That would be a rational act.

President MAD will get his next!


The author, Robert Tracinski, suggests that Iran has forcibly brought the war to the U.S. by aggressively using its proxies (Hamas and Hizbollah) to draw the US out. Why? Because Bush has been content to let the diplomatic process play itself out; and if allowed to do so, then it would place Bush in a stronger position for military action.

It is no coincidence--as others have pointed out--that Iran has taken action on the eve of its nuclear deadline. The war it has initiated is designed to 1)deflect attention away from its nuclear program (not quite ready yet, are we?); and to force the U.S.'s hand in the region--i.e., forcing us to act before they think we were quite ready to act.In all this, Iran is counting on the appeasement of both the UN and the EU ;and they haven't been disappointed, have they? But in all this maneuvering, Iran betrays its fundamental ignorance of the psychology of both Israel and the U.S.

Iran has revealed its hand, challenging the US and its allies and openly demonstrating its desire to dominate the Middle East through force and terror. While we have been trying to delay the war with Iran, it has brought the war to us, in a manner so obvious that even the mainstream media cannot evade it.

In doing so, they have made their threat to America and its interests more obvious and more urgent--providing a stronger case for war than their nuclear program could provide. There can be no question here about whether Iran really has aggressive designs in the Middle East, whether it really seeks the weapons to attack the US and its allies, and how long it might take for such a threat to materialize. The threat is here and Iran's newest war on the West has already begun.

Iran is risking everything on this new strategy, and the only hope they have of success is the expectation that, as they bring the war closer and closer to America, we won't fight back. But that means that we have an easy way to blow their strategy to smithereens. All we have to do is to start fighting back.


This is a long-running chess match, on a national scale. Give George W time and let the current game play out. He has proven time and again he is an expert chess player and has good advisers, including Dr. Rice.

This is an opening move, in no small part to defang the anti-war left, pin down the drive-by media, and limit the ability of Europe to cut and run when things get hot. The Mullahs will never take the offer - they think we are weak and unable to respond. They'll spit on it and proceed with developing their nukes. Their goal is armageddon and world domination, not peace or salvation.