Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sometimes You Just Gotta Love Your Enemies:
Hamas Leader Admits They Have Not Recognized Israel


The second in comman at Hamas, Mousa Mohammed Abu Marzook, was interviewed the other day by the German paper Der Spiegel. As per usual, our enemy is telling us the truth:

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Now, Hamas has approved the so-called "Prisoners' Paper," which recommends a two-state solution. Does that mean that Hamas is now prepared to recognize the state of Israel?

Abu Marzook: With this agreement, we have primarily agreed to strengthen the resistance in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. Aside from that, we have agreed on the goal of establishing a Palestinian state in these areas.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Doesn't that mean that Hamas inevitably accepts the Israeli state in the rest of that area?

Abu Marzook: The paper does not say that at all. It is purely about the future of our people and about how a government uniting all Palestinian factions can work on building their independent state.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: And does Hamas also believe that an Israeli state can exist alongside a Palestinian state?

Abu Marzook: Hamas has always said clearly: We will never accept the occupation, because it is not legal, not correct and not just.

You gotta love your enemies, when they tell the truth.

Thanks, Mousa.

UPDATE: Gormless Norman comments:

Good luck to Hamas trying to convince the MSM that they actually don't recognize Israel, even though this has been Hamas' "platform" since their birth.

Hamas could drop a nuke on Tel Aviv, and the MSM would call that "reaching out" or "seeking to interact" with Israel, and the Israelis would be blamed for melting into glass instead of offering more concessions as they should.

It must be very frustrating for our enemies. They say, "We hate you because you are filthy infidels, and we hope to wipe you off the face of the Earth as soon as possible." Our MSM and leadership say, "oh, I see, you are frustrated about the lack of job opportunities in the banlieux!"

I wonder anyone has had the bright idea that perhaps we should take them at their word?