Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Sorry About The Light Posting The Past Few Days

So, check this out; it got very hot here in SoCal over the weekend (as it did across the nation). A transformer blew in my neighborhood, so they routed all power for several blocks through the transformer outside my house. This caused the lights in most of my house to go out. To top it off, the air-conditioning went out completely.

It was 100 degrees in the house for two days. Oh yes, and the cable kept going down as well. I don't know why.

Then, when the electric company came out to fix the transformer, there was a power surge which blew out my cable modem. So, I called the cable company, and they came out and gave me a new modem. But, still my friggin' computer won't work. So, the cable guy tells me he thinks the surge also blew out my wireless unit.

Well, nope that wasn't it.

The surge blew out something in my computer which is causing my web browser to not work.

Now, I could easily go out and buy a new computer, and set it up. However, the problem is, I have well over 1000 iTunes on my computer which I first need to copy to CD.

That takes some time.

Meanwhile, I am stuck with my wife's Mac, which does not interact with blogger in the same way. With a Mac, I have to write all links, bolds, italics, etc. in html or I can't have anything but straight script.

So, that's what you see here.

Once again, sorry, but this is the best I can do for now. Oh yes, and my wife wants her computer back.

How unreasonable of her. Can't she see I have a world to save.