Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Neo-Nazis interrupted a German gala to burn a copy of The Diary Of Anne Frank. But, that's not all they burned:

German neo-Nazis tore up and burned a copy of The Diary of Anne Frank after hijacking a traditional gala.

Around 100 skinheads cheered and shouted Sieg Heil as the most poignant memoir of the Holocaust years went up in flames.

They also burned a U.S. flag and sang banned Nazi songs.

Germans were horrified by the latest outrage from the far Right, which comes as the country rides a new wave of peaceful patriotism as it hosts the World Cup.

Uwe Hornburg, a prosecutor investigating the incident, said: 'I am appalled. In 20 years as a prosecutor I have never had a case quite so disturbing.'

The book-burning, which has chilling parallels to the 1930s when Nazi supporters made pyres of books written by Jews, follows a string of high-profile attacks by racist gangs on blacks.

Oh my gosh, the Germans are shocked and appalled, which is strange because Germans consider America and Israel the biggest threats to world peace. Yes, America and Israel are even worse than Iran and North Korea.

The behavior of the Neo-Nazis in the story above is merely the physical manifestation of the German subconcious.