Friday, July 28, 2006

A Lift

That's the way the UN plays it, my friends.

Here's a photo of the Hizbollah flag flying alongside the UN flag at the Lebanon border.

Yes, the UN and its people in the field are in bed with the terrorist legion.

The most egregious example is from just this past week. You know those UN peacekeepers who were killed by the Israeli army? Remember how Kofi Annan said Israel did it on purpose?

Truth is, one of those peacekeepers had been warning people that Hizbollah had been setting up its rockets just outside their facility in an attempt to use the UN people as human shields.

Kofi Annan did not call these people out of harm's way.

Instead, he blamed Israel.

Should have blamed himself, for rightly, as the director of the UN, the blood is on his hands.