Monday, July 03, 2006

Pull Pranks
In Paris

The "Youths" are rioting again in Paris (From Guysen.Israel.News):

''Much violence occured last night on the Champs Elysees (Paris), causing more than 20 casualties (wounded) in the police, as well as many among the Portuguese and French fans. These are the same individuals that participated in the November 2005 riots and in the demonstrations against the CPE (First Employment Contract) in March'', declared the ''Action Police CFTC'' union. (Guysen.Israƫl.News)

"Around 01:00 this morning, a number of youth on the Champs Elysees, carrying Algerian, Morrocan or Tunisian flags, and often concealing their faces under Palestinian keffiehs or hoods, attacked Portuguese fans celebrating the victory of their team.

Many fans were beaten and recovered by firemen and police, some of who were injured by flying objects thrown by these rioters. A car was set on fire at the entrance to the Champs Elysees, near the Place de l'Etoile, and properties were ruined.

Many people who came to celebrate France's victory were attacked.

We can only praise the police intervention, but regret the small number of arrests. These rioters numbered around 1 000 and their sole intent was to steal and disturb the celebration. We praise the exemplary behavior of the Portuguese community who did not respond to the provocations of the rioters. "