Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Bush Directs
At Israel

From Associated Press:

CRAWFORD, Texas - The White House said Wednesday neither Israel nor Hezbollah should escalate their month-old war, a pointed comment after Israel decided to widen its ground invasion of southern Lebanon.

Although White House press secretary Tony Snow said the message was for both sides, his remarks came as Israel's Security Cabinet voted to expand the war effort in an attempt to deal further blows to Hezbollah. The criticism was among the administration's strongest concerning longtime ally Israel since the fighting began.

"We are working hard now to bridge differences between the United States position and some of the positions of our allies," Snow told reporters in Texas, where President Bush was vacationing. "We want an end to violence and we do not want escalations."

I don't understand the White House's position here. Israel's stated objective has always been to see to it that Hizbollah is no longer an armed force in Lebanon. The Bush Administration has been supportive of that objective. Hizbollah has not been disarmed. Instead, they have continued to fire massive amounts of rockets at civilians within Israel.

Considering the fact that thus far the relatively mild strategies Israel has employed have not done the job, the only reasonable conclusion is that Israel must step up their offensive.

So, why is the Bush Administration trying to pull in the reigns on them?

Once again, we see that George Bush, strong as he appears to be at times, does not have the courage of his convictions. He has failed in Iraq and Afghanistan because he allowed Sharia law to be enshrined in the constitutions of both countries. Thus we have situations where it is legal to kill those who have converted away from Islam in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Homosexuals are also being killed under cover of the law in both countries. This is George Bush's responsibility. These constitutions were constructed under his watch.

And, now he is attempting to force Israel to change its war plan in the middle of the offensive.

This is pathetic.

Weakness at this juncture will only lead to more, and worse violence in the future.