Friday, August 25, 2006

With Himself
Ahmadinejad Burns

The Bush Administration-brokered "peace treaty" which supposedly settled the Israel/Hisbollah war will loom huge in GWB's legacy. Bush may go on to be considered among the worst Presidents in American history.

Here's why. From Atlas Shrugs:

Critics tick off a list of missteps they claim the administration made after fighting broke out July 12 between Israel and the heavily armed Islamic militia group. Most damaging, they assert, may be how the Bush administration portrayed the war early on as a means to bring long-lasting improvements to Lebanon by dismantling Hezbollah, and then brokered a deal that may end up neither weakening the group nor greatly bolstering either Israel's security or Lebanon's wobbly government.

"It's pretty clear that things are going to pan out badly," says Danielle Pletka, a Middle East expert at the conservative American Enterprise Institute and increasingly vocal administration critic. "Whenever you try to solve something that needs major surgery with a Band-Aid you run a real risk of disaster."

Conservative critics fret a similar scenario will play out with Iran: that after repeatedly warning Tehran to stop uranium enrichment, the U.S. will manage in coming weeks to win only meager sanctions within the U.N. Security Council. As evidence they point to the administration's muted response after Iran this week said formally it wasn't going to suspend uranium enrichment -- a key requirement of a recent U.N. resolution.

"This is an administration that frequently says things are unacceptable and then goes on to accept them," says Richard Perle, a prominent neoconservative and Pentagon adviser.

The Bush Administrations handling of the Israel/Hizbollah war has left observers with the impression that the Bush Administration is conducting the War agains the Islamic Jihad with no discernible strategy. This certainly gives cause for legitimate worry as to how they will handle Iran.

A nuclear Iran. That's a legacy far worse than what Clinton's critics can pin on him. He didn't assassinate Bin Laden? Well, you know, Ronald Reagan is the President who signed into law the United States "Ban on Assassinations."

Clinton was only following orders. (Yes, that is written with intended irony.)

Meanwhile, Bush is sitting back and watching, as an apocalypse-obsessed madman ejaculates his first nuclear weapon.