Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Do Not
Support Israel
And Yet
Jews Support

Taking into consideration the information that I provided in the post below, Jews ought to be very wary of the Democrattic party:

... the Dems are no longer Israel's best friend; here's an excerpt from MICHAEL BARONE, (he recently commented on a recent poll by the LAT and Bloomberg):

[The poll asked:]Should the United States continue to align itself with Israel, adopt a more neutral posture, or align more with Arab countries?By a 50 to 44 percent margin, respondents said we should stick with Israel rather than take a more neutral posture; only 2 percent want us to side more with Arab countries.

But there's a big difference between respondents of different parties. Here's a table showing the results, including independents.Continue with Israel: Reps 64; Inds 46; Dems 39More neutral posture R-29 ; I-49; D-54We see a similar split on assessments of the current conflict between Israel and Hezbollah.

The poll asked whether Israel's action was justified and not excessively harsh, justified but excessively harsh, or unjustified....A majority, 56 percent, of Democrats think Israel did not act properly, while an even bigger majority, 64 percent, of Republicans think Israel did act properly. That's a pretty sharp difference.

And yet, Jews overwhelmingly vote Democrat. Very sad.

People form values when they are young, and then refuse to change as the times change. The Democratic Party has left the Jews, and it has left me. Unless things change drastically, I will never again vote for a Democrat. Jews would be wise to similarly reassess their affiliations.