Friday, August 04, 2006

The Dhimmi Contract

A Dhimmi is a non-Muslim who Muslims deign to allow to live in a Muslim land. In order to live safely the Dhimmi must pay a special Dhimmi protection tax. If he does, then he is agreeing to a contract of Dhimmitude which guarantees that he will not be killed, as long as he behaves himself.

With thanks to Stogie at SaberPoint,
here is the Dhimmi contract:

1. Dhimmis live in a second class condition within the society they inhabit.
2. Dhimmis are not allowed to vote or hold public office.
3. Dhimmis must pay a steep tax, called the Jihza, and do so under humiliating conditions: they must pay the tax in person where they are either spit on or slapped. The tax is a heavy financial burden, but if you can't pay it, you're dead. Some dhimmis who couldn't pay were forced to turn over their children as payment. The children were then raised as Muslims.
4. Dhimmis must dress differently than Muslims, e.g. with broad cloth belts, shoes of different color on opposite feet, or no shoes at all, and must shear their forelocks (the front part of their hair) so their dhimmi status is obvious.
5. Dhimmis must give way to Muslims on the sidewalk or street.
6. Dhimmis must give up their seat in any public place if a Muslim wishes to sit.
7. Dhimmis cannot build a house that is higher than Muslim houses in his neighborhood.
8. Dhimmis can only work in menial jobs like street sweeping or manual labor.
9. Dhimmis cannot renovate their churches or synagogues, so when they fall into disrepair they continue to deteriorate.
10. Dhimmis cannot display any symbol of their religion in public, like a cross, nor ring church bells or sing too loudly in their churches or synagogues lest they offend Muslims.
11. Dhimmis must house and feed any Muslim who passes their door for three days.
12. Dhimmis cannot criticize Islam, the Qur'an or Muhammad, under penalty of death or imprisonment.
13. Dhimmis cannot prevent any of their family members from converting to Islam.
14. Dhimmis cannot attempt to convert any Muslim to their religion.
15. Dhimmi men cannot marry Muslim women, but Muslim men can marry Dhimmi women.
16. Dhimmis cannot be witnesses in court against Muslims.
17. Dhimmis cannot own or carry any weapons.
18. Dhimmis cannot fight with or injure any Muslim, even in self defense, under penalty of death.
19. Dhimmis are subject to execution for apostasy against the Prophet of the Qur'an. (This provision was often abused. When a Muslim wanted a dhimmi's land or house, he simply had to state the dhimmi had insulted the Prophet. Since a Muslim's word was always accepted over that of a dhimmi, the dhimmi's unjust execution or imprisonment was assured.)
20. In many cases, dhimmi children are not allowed to attend state schools or universities.

Boy, that's quite a deal. I advise all Western appeasers to take it, before the Muslims start negotiating downward.