Saturday, August 19, 2006

French Pressure
On Peace Treaty
Then Back Out
On Commitment
To Provide
Peacekeeping Troops

The French have beat their own record. This time they have surrendered before they even fielded a force. From the French-American writer Nidra Poller, at Atlas Shrugs:

What is the role of French diplomacy in the Lebanese conflict? President Chirac packaged it as a “humanitarian crisis”…only two days after the outbreak of hostilities. MFA Douste-Blazy inadvertently admitted that France has been calling for a cease fire…since the very beginning.

Is France a secret ally of Hizbullah? Or simply a well-behaved dhimmi state? A dhimmi does not need to be told how to react to this or that incident, he just has to grasp the underlying concept of jihad conquest: jihadis can attack infidels, infidels do not have the right to strike back.

If the conquering jihadis are in a position of supreme power, they decimate the conquered population and erect their version of the monument to the war dead-- a mountain of severed heads. But when the jihadis are fighting an uphill battle, as is the case in Lebanon today, their main line of defense is civilian suffering. The plight of the refugees, the dead and the injured, widows and orphans, the destruction of Lebanon--a coherent strategy designed to engage the international community in a concerted effort to force Israel to stop fighting and submit to Hizbullah’s demands.

Don’t apologize. Don’t apologize to European countries all dolled up with plaques and memorials to the Shoah and now mobilized to facilitate another extermination project. Don’t fall into European traps. Here in Europe local jihadis attack, then fall back and complain that Muslims are being persecuted. Don’t bow your head when Europeans shake their fingers. At the height of the conflict, and smack between two Ahmadinejad Jew-killing declarations, the French foreign minister shamelessly caressed Iran’s rump with one hand and fondled domestic Jew-hating immigrants with the other.

Don’t apologize because there is no one on earth to apologize to. You can’t apologize to people who are sitting on the sidelines enjoying life while Israeli civilians suffocate in bunkers and Israeli soldiers courageously face death, fighting Hizbullah that is fighting for Iran that is fighting to destroy us all, Israelis, Americans, Europeans, Japanese, Indians…

Don’t apologize. Stand up to them the way you stand up to katyushas, and fight back against this lethal narrative jihad with equal valor and intelligence. No ordinary PR efforts can counter it. New methods are necessary, far more severe, far less defensive.

Your critics do not care what you are fighting for or how nobly you are fighting; they run for cover, side with the villains, hide behind the killers. They have to declare Israel guilty because they are terrified at confronting the real force that is bearing down on them.

You can’t reassure them by saying how good you are, how careful not to make tragic mistakes. Apologies feed their anguish, and their anguish is turned against us, against Jews. How dare we be so humane when subject to such vile aggression?

The injustice is beyond belief: the small nation of Israel has to fight against Iran, and as if that’s not enough, gets stabbed in the back while engaged in fierce battle