Monday, August 28, 2006

In The

Most know the story of the two Fox News reporters who were kidnapped by Palestinians the other day in Gaza. Prior to releasing them the Palestinians forced them to convert to Islam at gunpoint. The two reporters were videotaped announcing their new-found "faith." These conversions have been played on news reports across the world.

Brit Hume had this to say on the subject last night:

Hume: Yes, and what an appealing faith these thugs must believe Islam is, that conversions have to be effected at the point of a gun. And what of the argument that all of the ills and troubles that beset the Palestinian people, that lead them to terrorism, are the cause of what they endlessly refer to as the illegal Israeli occupation.

Consider the latest rounds of trouble in Gaza and Lebanon, two places from which Israel has withdrawn.

It has been noted that not for one day after the Israeli pullout from Gaza did the rocket attacks that came from Gaza ever stop.

We’re not dealing here with something that is susceptible to a political resolution of the kind of which the State Department and many a president has dreamed.

We’re dealing here with a lawless enemy whose goal far transcends any side-by-side, two-state solution. That isn’t going to do it. We’re dealing with a terrorist, gangland-style enemy, which I think it’s fair to conclude, and this episode only further illustrates it, must be defeated.

Islam is a unique religion in that it believes it can kidnap converts. It also believes it can buy converts. I have met people from Ethiopia who have told me that they saw this happening in their home country.

I think this incident with the journalists may wake some people up. The incredible infantilism of thinking that you can beat a person into converting has got to be instructive of the very real sickness we are up against.

Reliapundit talks about the fact that conversion by threat of force violates a verse in the Koran:

... the koran forbids coerced conversions - at least in one quote:

Islam expressly forbids forced or coerced conversion, as demonstrated by this quote from the Quran: “There is no compulsion in religion” (Surah 2: 256).

So, if Muslims hold the koran sacred, then why aren't any Muslims anywhere protesting this sacreligious act or even speaking out against it, and demanding the perps get punished?

But, the truth is, there are other verses in the Koran which call for Muslims to wage Jihad against the Infidel in order to ensure that the entire world become Dar al-Islam. These verses tells us that the Infidel who is conquered by Jihad has three choices, conversion, dhimmitude, or death.

These verses were written later in Mohammed's life, which means they abrogate the earlier verse which speaks against compulsion.

Truth is, many Muslims live by the no compulsion creed, but, if they were to choose to protest they are easily be shut up Imams and holy men who simply point out the later verses.

That's why you won't hear of any large organized Muslim protest against these "conversions," just as you also won't find any large organized Muslim protest against any Jihadi activity.

Muslims can't protest against this behavior, because it's stipulated in the Koran.