Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The New

Charles at Little Green Footballs has been making fun of what he calls "moonbats" for quite a while now. Moonbats are lefties, posing as Democrats, who are plagued with a genetic anomally which makes them impervious to reason, and susceptible to Bush Derangement Syndrome. They are usually radical Pacifists, meaning they believe that no Western nation has the right to defend itself against attacks from smaller, weaker enemies, no matter how vicious and destructive the attacks are.

Anyway, while I think Charles' poking fun at the Moonbats is generally funny, I never post on the subject myself, because I tend to think of the Moonbats as being a group of people who do such a good job of discrediting themselves that one really need not help.

However, the Moonbats have given birth to a meme which I have been expecting to crop up at this juncture, and I expect it to grow and soon become part of the mainstream discourse in the United States, and particularly Europe.

Read all about it:

In my diary of yesterday, I proposed that our party support the creation of a single secular democracy in the area now controlled by Israel, and I was impressed by the quality of responses. Based on this tiny sample of 100 or so Democrats, I’m thinking that maybe the average Democratic voter might be open to taking a more impartial role in the Middle East - and thus making our country less of an object of hatred by Muslims everywhere.

The most common objections to such a proposal is that the two sides hate each other too much to stop the killing and that outside forces, like the USA, cannot impose a solution.

However, I think that the US, as the prime, and virtually the only, supplier for the Israeli Defense Force for the past many decades has the capacity to force a settlement simply by cutting off that support.

The fact of the matter is, the Palestinian territories are completely free of Jews. This is not because Jews wouldn't want to live there. It is because the Palestinian people insist that no Jews live there.

For instance, when Israel "disengaged" from Gaza last year, not only did they have to bring in the IDF to forcibly remove the Jews who lived in Gaza, but they had to dig up graves and remove the dead Jews as well.

The Palestinian people have elected two parties to lead them both of which are dedicated to the destruction of Israel. The Hamas charter explicitly calls for death to "the Jews", not simply Israelis. The people of Palestine elected Hamas knowing this.

That is the will of the Palestinian people.

The only good thing that has come out of Palestinian democracy is clarity. Now, we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Palestinians want Jews dead and gone from the land of Israel. Now that the Palestinian people have told us this in no uncertain terms we would do well to heed their warning.

When a group of, presumably, intelligent people calls for a "one-state solution" they either

1) prove they are not intelligent and should not be commenting on politics,


2) prove that they are Jew-haters by the very fact that they are willing to sacrifice the Jews to the dragon of Palestinian hatred.

Let me tell you something else about the Peaceful Land of Palestine. Hamas has imposed Sharia law within the Palestinian territories. So, when people call for a "one-state soltuion" they are also calling for an expansion of the borders of a Sharia-state.

Now, when one considers that under Sharia law the punishment for apostasy, homosexuality, and adultery is death by stoning, one has to wonder how "progressive" members of the left could support such a solution.

Once again, either they are ignorant and should not be commenting, or they are ok with the policies and desires of the people of Palestine.

Thie does not speak very well of the people who support such a solution, does it?

And yet I will tell you right now, watch, as in the coming weeks you will hear more and more political voices calling for the one-state plan. Let us be clear that when we hear such calls we are hearing calls for genocide, ethnic cleansing, and fascism.

That's an awful lot to tolerate even if ones desire is that "making our country less of an object of hatred by Muslims everywhere."