Thursday, August 03, 2006

Our Failure In Afghanistan

If you want to know whether we are succeeding or failing in our war efforts so far, you need look no further than this report from the BBC:

They have been accused by Islamic clerics of preaching Christianity. Afghanistan bans attempts to convert people to non-Islamic faiths.

Around 1,500 South Koreans arrived this week for a "peace festival", and education and entertainment programme.

On Wednesday, hundreds of Afghans held a protest rally against them at a mosque in the city of Mazar-e-Sharif.

"They were given tourist visas and now it seems they are misusing their tourist visas," a government official told the AFP news agency.

Religious freedom is an indispensible part of a Democratic Republic. A government which does not respect religious freedom is not a human right-respecting government. Therefore, it does not fit with our notion of a Democratic Republic.

Either we believe in spreading freedom, or we don't. If this is the best we are going to do in Afghanistan, then we must believe this is the best Afghanis deserve.

This is not acceptable.

If this is the best we believe Afghanis deserve, then we have failed them, and we have failed ourselves. In fact, we have failed Democracy and human rights.