Saturday, August 05, 2006

Palestinians Use
Racist Language
To Describe Condi

They hate Jews. It shouldn't be any surprise that they aren't too fond of blacks either:

According to a translation by Palestinian Media Watch, the PA daily Al Hayat Al Jadida detailed Wednesday's Ramallah protests in which Rice was described as a "raven" who "brings only destruction."Al Hayat Al Jadida featured pictures of ralliers brandishing anti-Rice placards, some reading, "Murderer Rice go to Hell" and "Get out."

One placard had Rice drinking the blood of dead babies and stating, "I need more blood."A cartoon last week in the PA controlled Al Quds depicted Rice pregnant with a monkey. A caption read, "Rice speaks about birth of new Middle East."

In a previous article by Al Hayat Al Jadida, Rice is described three times as the "black woman," and her father, who was an ordained Presbyterian minister, was called the "black clergyman [who filled Rice's head with Bible stories]."

The article warned, "Beware of this 'black spinster,' we don't want to say 'the black widow' out of respect for her femininity and her intelligence."

There's more, if you really want to hear it.