Monday, August 14, 2006

The Spotless
History Of
Islamic Civilization

Recently, George Bush called the terrorists who sought to blow up 10 planes above the Atlantic Ocean, Islamofascists. I use this term quite often as well. I do so because I think it is a way of differentiating between normal Muslims and those who would wage Jihad against the Infidel.

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia produced17 of the 19 Sept. 11th terrorists. Wahabbi Islam is the official religion of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its austere take on Islam is the root ideology behind most terrorism today. Saudi Arabia funds Mosques in the U.S. and worldwide and thereby exports the Wahabbi ideology which teaches that it is the duty of all Muslims to wage jihad gainst the Infidel.

Knowing this, it sure is interesting to see how the government of Saudi Arabia has reacted to the fact that George Bush referred to the terrorists who intended to blow up planes over the Atlantic at "Islamic fascists".

JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia (AFP) - Saudi Arabia warned against accusing Muslims of terrorism and fascism, in an apparent reference to US President George W. Bush’s claim that the United States is at war with “Islamic fascists”.

The Saudi government “called on everyone to realize that terrorism has no religion or nationality”, said a cabinet statement carried by the official SPA news agency.

It “warned against hurling charges of terrorism and fascism at Muslims without regard to the spotless history of Islamic civilization”, the statement said.

“What Islam is being accused of today, like fascism, is primarily a Western cultural product,” it added, calling for close international cooperation to combat terrorism.

The eternal sunshine of the spotless world of Islam. Yes, yes, yes. I've got it.