Monday, August 28, 2006

We Have
A Choice
How To
Face Death

I was discussing the "conversion" of the Fox News Journalists with a friend who is an ex-Muslim convert to Christianity, living in Dar al-Islam. We are both happy that the journalists are alive and well. We hope that they will soon be home with friends and family, and we hope they will never again have to undergo such an ordeal.

However, both my friend and I are in agreement that we hope that were we ever to be asked to make such a "conversion", that we would answer in the negative.

My friend's way of putting it was rather rhapsodic. And, I asked him if I could share it here. He answered in the affirmative, so here it is:

I think everyone is in either spiritual or physical (or both) danger (from the threat of Islam). The way I see it is, our strength is in our action backed by prayer, while their (Muslim) strength is in their action backed by the sword.

I believe that the sword will go blunt and the screams will fade but the power of prayer will remain mighty forever.

What I see around me is very depressing, but the prayer keeps me going. I hope I come out of this alive but if I don't I pray to have the strength to say,

"I will not convert, because I believe that Christ is my savior, the Son of the Living God, the One who gave the law to Moses, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob."

One thing's very interesting though, no matter how depressed I am throughout the day, at the end, I am always filled with hope. Tomorrow is always a hope-filled new day. That keeps me going. Hope, strength and happiness is what I pray for so that if, ever, my enemies see me, they see me as a person who found peace in Christ and hopefully acknowledge that fact.