Monday, September 04, 2006


Who is our enemy? Newsweek says the President and his people are having trouble figuring out what to call our enemy. Amazing. It's only five years since this war began. Maybe that's what they mean by a Long War. It takes them a long time to figure out who they are fighting against.

They remind me of Treebeard and the Ent people in the Lord Of The Rings trilogy. They never say anything that's not worth taking a long time to say. And consequently, they just sit there and talk while the world is crumbling around them.

Oh well, here's an article from Walid Phares which seems to have a pretty good grasp of what Islamofascism is:

Jihadists: The Two Forces

There are two major "trees" of Jihadism: The Salafists and the Khumeinists.

The Salafists, influenced by the radical Wahabis and the "Muslim Brotherhood" call for the removal of the current Arab and Muslim Governments and their replacement by a worldwide power they call "Caliphate."

The Salafist movement produced al Qaeda and its affiliates around the world and identifies itself as "The International Salafi Jihadi Movement." It is omnipresent in the Muslim world and has a significant presence inside democracies worldwide. The Salafi Jihadists established the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. This was the model they wished to multiply around the globe.

The Khumeinists are the Jihadist followers of the teachings of Iranian Ayatollah Ruhallah Khumeini. They have established what they call an "Islamic Republic" in Iran and have funded organization, including Hezbollah in Lebanon. The Iranian Regime oppresses its own peoples and seeks regional and world expansion through Terrorism and Nuclear threat.

Axis of Jihadism

Each of the two "Jihadi" blocs has its own strategy and area of action: al Qaeda and the Salafists have infiltrated many countries and penetrated some government institutions in the Muslim world. They have also established cells within Western and other democracies.

The Khumeinist Jihadists have full control of Iran's regime and created an axis of terror in the Middle East, including the Baathist regime of Syria and Hezbollah. Both powers aim at crumbling America, undermining democracies and repressing freedoms in the Arab and Muslim world.

Although with different long-term goals, the Jihadi Salafists and Khumeinists have converging interests against common enemies: democracies. In many places and on different occasions the two blocs of Jihadism have established interim alliances: the regimes in Iran,
Syria and Sudan and the organizations of al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, Jemaa Islamiya, and many others have cooperated: against democracies and civil societies, they have formed an axis of Jihadism.

This is what the American public and civil societies around the world are up against since the 1990s. The victims of Jihadism belong to all ethnicities and religions: from the Muslim Sunni civilians in Algeria and Syria, the black Africans, Muslim and Christian, in Sudan, the Copts of Egypt, Shiites and Kurds of Iraq, moderate Muslims and Christian minorities in Indonesia, Lebanon, Iran, Nigeria, to the societies of Russia, Argentina, India, Europe and the United States. In short, humanity is under attack by Jihadism.

The American people must learn more about the ideological movement that is waging war against them. The American public must ask the U.S. Congress to investigate Jihadism as a modern Terror ideology.

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