Monday, September 04, 2006

And The Left

From Reliapundit, the Astute Blogger:

Leftists might be best defined as people who want to predetermine outcomes - they don't trust the marketplace, or individuals; they want the state to pick winners and losers. (If that's too oblique, then read two books by Hayek and call me in the morning!)The ultimate outcome which a Leftist can control is LIFE AND DEATH. And when presented with this choice, the Leftist almost always come down on the dark side:

they favor abortion on demand; they favor euthanasia, and they favor life sentences for convicted MURDERERS.

Recently, Leftists in Massachusetts argued in favor of euthanizing/murdering a little girl who was in a coma as a result of child abuse. The Left argued - as they did in the Schiavo case - that she was "virtually brain-dead". People who wanted her to live won the legal battle. And now she is continuing her remarkable comeback. MORE HERE.

Also in the news this week is a new practice made available - RIGHT NOW - to people undergoing IVF, (but it could just as easily be made available to people conceiving naturally); it's called PGD - pre-implantation genetic diagnosis and it amount to SCREENING a propsective embryo/family member for potential diseases before implantation.


[Critics say that...] It raises the specter of eugenics, they say, in the most personal terms. “It’s like children are admitted to a family only if they pass the test,” said Denise Toeckes, 32, a teacher who tested positive for a BRCA mutation.

“It’s like, ‘If you have a gene, we don’t want you; if you have the potential to develop cancer, you can’t be in our family.’ ”

Other critics oppose preimplantation diagnosis on the grounds that it could be used to select against homosexuals, women or people with disabilities. It reduces people to their genes, they say, and paves the way for the pursuit of children designed to suit parental ideals and for discrimination against those born with perceived imperfections. I think this is an apt description. This is eugenics, and it's amoral at best.

Why does the Left consistently come down on the dark side!? Why do they favor euthanasia and abortion and appeasing the enemy!?

It's because they are moral relativists: lacking any belief in any universal truth or in universal and innate/God-given human rights, they have nothing that they feel is worth fighting for - or dying for --- OR EVEN LIVING FOR.

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