Saturday, September 23, 2006

Islam Is
Islam Does

A stellar essay by fellow Infidel Blogger W.C.

I’ve written before that how muslims are seen and treated in the West depends entirely upon them and if they don’t make a very public effort to distance themselves from the jihadists, there will come a day when any and all muslims will be seen as an enemy to a nation and be treated like the Japanese-Americans were treated in WWII. But this threat to their freedom hasn’t sunken in yet and they continue to blather on. First, they play the victim card over and over again, and second, they haven’t awoken to the fact they – and no one else - have the responsibility to confront those who, as Bush has deemed, hijacked their religion.

But it seems they will do neither.

A selection of news items proves out these facts. First the victim card.

Imams, academics and Arab leaders convened at a central London hotel last week for a three-day event sponsored by the International Moderation Center, a Kuwait-based research institute which attempts to promote cross-cultural understanding of Islam. The gist of the conference was this. “More needs to be done to improve tolerance of Muslim minorities across Europe”
Now think about that for a minute.

Why is it Europe’s problem – not theirs? The Islamists use very subtle language to infer that that intolerance towards muslims some how appeared for no reason at all. This ‘intolerance’ argument sounds like a petulant child who has been given everything from their host country, and they still want more. Europe had bent over backwards – to the extent that European countries like France, Germany, England, and Scandinavia are funding their own colonization.

But the Islamists demand more. Even a separate set of laws – the Sharia – for muslims as they demanded - yes demanded – in Sweden. The dhimmis in Sweden have not entirely lost its mind yet and the PM said ‘completely unacceptable”.

Then we have Iraq – yes our partners in democracy – whose Parliament speaker wondered why the West pressures the mulim world over nukes and not Israel and accuses the free democracies of continuing to put down muslims and continue their colonization. I guess the speaker didn’t read my blog entitled “Winds of War: Dealing With Liberals and 4 Year Olds” about how childish nations do not play with adult toys.

But as far as victimization goes – this one take the cake. Or maybe it’s just another example of the muslim mind’s inability to confront reality. Parvez Ahmed, the board chairman of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (our so called moderate muslim friends at CAIR), "A Sensible Way to Describe Terrorists." He ended with a thought-provoking question. "Why is Islam being unfairly singled out?" How about finding the answers here, here, here, here, Mr. Ahmed, and I can go on and on.

Let’s go on to my other point. Muslims incapacity to see the threat before them and their unwillingness to confront it.

The police and intelligence services are beginning to wake up to the treats that local mosques are posing to our security – and are taking action. It is a fact that mosques have been and are still be used for jihadist propaganda and recruiting, and command and control of terrorist operations in the Europe and America. Our police response – monitor them. And they have been successful both here and in Europe in ferreting out those who would slur the good name of Islam.

And response from the Islamic community for exposing and arresting those who would hijack their religion? A big thank you? Perhaps even supported the police in the investigation? In your dreams. The response from the muslim community was this from the New York Times. “Many Muslims believe that the use of informers set back the police's campaign to win their trust and cooperation.” And this. “Wherever police spies are found among the Muslims, they must be rooted out. There must be zero tolerance for cooperation with the oppressors.” The title of the article says it all – “US MUSLIM COMMUNITIES FINALLY CATCH ON TO POLICE SPIES”

And then this piece of ridiculous tripe. The conviction of a Pakistani immigrant on charges he plotted to blow up one of Manhattan's busiest subway stations has sparked mixed emotions within the city's Muslim community about undercover police work. The response from the muslim community?

"This is a real setback to the bridge building," said Michael Dibarro, a Jordanian immigrant who until recently worked as a clergy liaison with the New York Police Department. "We had meaningful meetings. We thought we were going somewhere with this."

Yes! YOU ARE MAKING PROGRESS! It’s called catching those who will defame the reputation of your religion and you should be screaming support for the police from the rooftops sending a signal to the jihaists among you that you will work with the police and turn them in. What is so difficult to understand? Or like any fundamentalist religion, it dims the mind to rational thought.

Imam Shaker Elsayed of Dar Alhijrah Islamic Center in Falls Church, Va., worried many Americans equate Islam with terrorism rather than peace. In many cases, Elsayed said, Islam itself "is accused of being the disease rather than the cure."

Yes, Mr. Elsayed, you are correct. Islam is the disease and, as stated here, the irrational response of the muslim community in Europe and America proves the point.

Finally there’s this. A correspondent for an Arab newspaper in Washington DC, frets about the revelations of the NSA and it’s spying on potential terrorists. It seems he feels threatened by his correspondence with his Islamic trained father in Sudan. I quote. “Words such as bomb, explosives, jihad and infidels. My father uses some of those words. But sadly, my father's words can now raise red flags in the United States. The last time I spoke to him, he said he was going to send me a long written prayer in a letter. I said that regular mail would take too long and suggested that he give it to one of his computer-literate grandchildren to e-mail to me. But now I worry: Can NSA computers tell the difference between a prayer and a terrorist plot?”

I have to admit that, on occasion, I also have trouble distinguishing between an Islamic prayer and a terrorist plot.

Does that make me a bad person?